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Photographic credits :

Arnaud Childeric – Studio Kalice
Studio Héloïse Peyre
Heriberto Aguirre
Klaus Jordan – Yacht Vive la Vie
Bruno Pilia & Philippe Risacher
Henri Del Olmo- Cap Estel
Natahalie Pasquel – l’Orangerie pour le magazine Extérieurs design ( paysagiste Arie Van Dorp )
Fred Langel – Spa La source des Sens

Marie Claire Moreau – Maison les Granges Vallaury
Villa du Lac – Annecy
Laurent Guillaud – Lozanne – Architecte
Kube Murano Resort***** Saint-Tropez
Jonathan architectes – Bonnieux
Pierre Minassian – Architecte /AUM
Alexandre Audouze-Tabourin – Architecte, Ville de Lyon
Mairie du Grau-du-Roi
Sculpture – Gilberte Jassogne
Vannerie – Isabelle Sangoy
Courtesy Enrico Navarra
Cap Estel
Garoupa Beach
Café Lamarck

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Project management, Graphic creation and development
Studio Evol / Agence Henriette

Legal mentions

This site is published by the company EGO Paris, SAS with capital of 710,374 euros, having its registered office at Rue du Bois Baron 69220 Belleville en Beaujolais and registered under number 445 350 044 at RCS Villefranche-Tarare.

The informations of this site are not contractual and can contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Those informations can be periodically modified and the modifications will be incorporated into the new publishing. EGO can, at any time, without davance notice, to bring improvements or changes to products, to programs or to services described on this site.

In accordance with the article 43 of the law n°86-1067 of september 30th, 1986, it is indicated that the editorial director of the site is : the direction of EGO. In correspondance with the article . of the law ” data processing and liberties” of January 6th, 1978, this site is the oblect of access, modification, rectification and abolition of the name specific data which concerns you.

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1. Application domain
Those general terms of sales are applicable for the all of the orders placed by a customer to EGO Paris based: Z.I. Bois Baron 69 220 Belleville sur Saône. As soon as an order is accepted, a contract is concluded between the client and EGO Paris.

2. Order confirmation
For all orders, the double of the order given to the customer holds place of confirmation, if within 2 working days, no modification express is made there on both sides. This confirmation will be worth commercial contract carrying the pure and simple adhesion of the customer, cancelling all of the previous exchanges. In the event of telephone order, this one is regarded as final only after reception of a written confirmation, accompanied by an instalment. No order can be cancelled without our assent.

3. Delivery periods
Delivery periods are given as an indication, without any engagement from EGO Paris and are reputed “Ex Work”. In any case we cannot be held like person in charge for the delivery delays, resulting from circumstances independent of our will. No delay could justify the cancellation of the order, nor to give place to penalties, allowances, or damages.

4. Quality of the products
Concerned from the permanent improvement of the quality of our products, the photographs, drawings, characteristic of our folders and catalogues, are given only as an indication. We reserve ourselves the right to modify the characteristics of our products, if we judge that these modifications improve quality of those.

5. Prices
Our tariffs mean goods removed in our deposits, packing included, freight in addition.

A “participation in transport costs” is established for every shipment depending on the total amount of the order, the furniture’s destination and the specific delivery conditions.

The prices and commitments given by telephone or through an accredited representative of EGO Paris become final only after written confirmation.

6. Transport
The transport charges are born by the customer. Full responsibility will be entitled to the buyer as long as the goods will be picked up ad transported by a third part. All the goods travel to the risks and dangers of the customer and alike in case of damage against documents shipment. The carrier will accept the responsibility for breakage, lacks and damages, delays, etc. in so far the reserves issued by the customer are established correctly, that is fully detailed and in presence of the deliverer/driver ( for ex: accidentally bent armchair top part, scratches on lacquers, ..) It is necessary from the arrival of the parcels, to make characteristic reserves (ex: broken product, traces of shock…). The reserves issued on the damage noted on the paperboards will not be accepted (ex: paperboard damaged…). We also point out that the mention “subject to unpacking” does not have any legal authenticity. The reservations of the delivery form will have to be accompanied in the 48 hours following the delivery by a mail in recommended with acknowledgement of delivery to the conveyor. A copy of this form will also be sent to EGO shipping department for information.

EGO Paris provides for transporting units from its workshops for delivery to a depot or an industrial warehouse equipped with unloading bays as per normal delivery conditions.

Any delivery operation to a non-adapted unloading point will be subject to a feasibility study and a separate transport estimate corresponding to the conditions of service required.

We draw your attention more especially to the ample dimensions of the EDEN nest (300 x 215×62 cm), which require specific means of transport and delivery in the context of out of standard deliveries.

All transport “express” is the responsibility of the customer.

7. Complaints and returns
Any complaint, whatever its nature must be formulated by letter imperatively, within 8 day following the reception of the goods. The returns of goods are not accepted that if they beforehand and were expressly accepted by EGO Paris customer department and request to the normal reservation process.

8. Payment
Our terms of payment are applicable according to the following operating mode: account of 40% with the order, balances prior to delivery or in against refunding. Our sales management reserves the right to modify these conditions of payment constantly for the treatment of a particular file. We reserve ourselves the right, constantly, to carry out partial deliveries, which are due if they are invoiced.

We charge interest at the current rate for all sums paid after a maximum deadline of 15 days from the maturity date.

Penalty clause, of convention express, the total or partial non-payment will involve a contentious intervention and the application by way of financial damages, of allowance equal to 15% of the unpaid sum, damage of the legal expenses excluded, which will be charged to the debtor. Art.1226 French Civil Code.

9. Warranty
Each piece of EGO Paris furniture is inspected thoroughly by our quality control before it leaves the factory in order to guaranty our products against manufacturing defaults. EGO Paris furniture is guaranteed 5 years for private use and 2 years for professional use. The warranty applies under normal conditions of use and care and does not involve surface finishes and scratches. Meshes are excluded from warranty. You will find all guarantee conditions and care recommendations on Should your experience a problem, please contact EGO Paris who will determine after inspection if it’s a manufacturing defect and will at its option, repair or replace the item. No goods can be returned without prior written authorisation from the EGO Paris quality department.

10. Ownership
The vendor keeps its property rights over the goods sold, until integral payment of the invoiced price (law of 12th may 1980).

The risk and liabilities for the goods are transferred to the buyer. He assumes the responsibilities of damages caused or supported by these goods from delivery until full payment. Should full payment not be made for the price of the goods within the time contractually set, the seller reserves the right to claim ownership of the goods and demand their return without any special formality or notice. Should no return be made under amicable conditions, and 8 days after official notice has been given by registered mail with acknowledgement, this return may be enacted by simple interim court-order issued by the President of the Commercial Court having jurisdiction over our registered office. In this last hypothesis, the client will be held to pay, over and above the costs of the proceedings and any necessary transport and subject to the condition of the goods, contractual compensation representing 20% of the value of the unpaid goods concerned by the claim. If the goods under claim have been resold, the client shall explicitly pledge collateral to our Company amounting to the corresponding sums due to it by the sub-purchaser(s) and immediately assign any claim that it may have on the sub-purchaser(s) for any sums outstanding in our favour.

Article 11: Jurisdiction clause
Any disputes or difficulties in executing or interpreting the sale, even for export, will be under the sole jurisdiction of the French courts. Exclusive Jurisdiction shall be granted to the Commercial Court of VILLEFRANCHE-TARARE, even in the event of introduction of third parties or multiple defendants. Unless agreed to in writing by both parties, any clause to the contrary shall be totally unenforceable on our Company.


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